Genesis Of The 1993 World Trade Center Bombing (Birth Of Jihad) (Part 1) (The Darkened Hour)

In this episode, i will be giving a very lengthy and quite descriptive talk about what led up to, and what took place, on February 26th 1993, which was the bombing of the World Trade Center. Speaking from various sources, all of which i will give dates for, as well as from books and the historical record, it will give a clear and broad picture of US Foreign Policy, the issue of how Israeli-Palestine in the 1980’s, the meaning of Jihad and Takfir, the CIA’s history involving arab mujahid in it’s “Operation Cyclone” program and the individuals involved in the genesis of arab fundamentalism and it’s organs. This will be the first of a two part program where i will concentrate on the multi-faceted stages and historical events leading up to the formation of the radical cells operating in Pakistan and over inside the United States with help from the intelligence services.

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